Balancell BMS Update 3.2.3 & 3.2.4

One of the next-generation IoT* features of the BALANCELL Battery Management System (BMS) is the ability of Balancell’s engineers and scientists to push OTA** background updates to Users battery's onboard BMS firmware.

We have just successfully released the update for BALANCELL BMS versions 3.2.3 & 3.2.4.

Much the same as updating the software version on your laptop, (only no user action is required) – BALANCELL BMS firmware updates are installed automatically whenever the battery is connected via Wifi or the onboard GSM/2G SIM modem. The vast majority of BALANCELL batteries are always connected, providing minute-by-minute performance history updates accessible on the Client/User's Balancell Battery Dashboard portal account. 

*Internet of Things    ** Over the Air

Below is a short summary of the 3.2.3 & 3.2.4 versions highlights: 



User Benefit/s

IoT Connectivity


The GSM modem code is now able to automatically connect with the following SIM card options:

- SIM provider Justworx - covers the world except for Botswana and Mozambique

- SIM provider BICS - covers Botswana and Mozambique

- SIM provider Flolive - covers Botswana and Mozambique

APN controlled Vodacom SIM devices (covers South Africa and reduces SIM device data cost by about 50%)

- All other SIM devices that use the 'internet' APN

This code update removes the need for initial technician/user connection set-up actions for the mobile data connection for international and local networks.


The stability of connectivity is significantly improved through better internal monitoring.



Smart E-Switch drive status bits in the datagram now provide more detail regarding the reason for activation.

Improved visibility of Smart E-Switch performance, allowing for enhanced analysis and remote support. 

IoT Connectivity


GSM modem code now runs simultaneously with data transmission.

Better data upload performance.

Performance & Safety


Introduced State of Charge recording in the standard datagram (additional location to existing reporting location).

Additional format for recording State of Charge status, allowing for more accurate analysis of battery integration with charger/inverter.  

Performance & Stability


CAN/Wifi module is powered up by default

Avoids disruption of battery-machine CAN connection when software is upgraded from an older release or when initially configured.

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