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Chargers and Auxiliaries

Balancell provides a range of chargers and auxiliaries for any motive application. The chargers are designed to ensure ease of operation and safety for the machine operator and electrical infrastructure throughout the charging process.

Our chargers are extremely energy efficient and provide power factor correction (PFC) on both our 3 phase and single phase models. The chargers have a simple constant current to constant voltage (CC to CV) charge profile, which ensures reliable and robust charging. Designed in a compact and slim form factor the chargers are easily wall mountable and with replaceable air filters avoid the intense dust at floor level, unlike conventional battery charges that are floor mounted and often fail due to the amount of tyre dust in the air.

Our batteries and solid state protector (BMS) allow direct charging of the battery using solar panels without any MPPT or the use of other electronics, for almost any forklift or industrial motive machine.


Charging Range


Voltage – 26V, 39V, 52V, 81V
Power – 9kW / 10.5kW


Voltage – 26V, 39V, 53V
Power – 3kWh

946mm x 186mm x 302mm

Voltage – 52V
Energy – 7kWh

1190mm x 394mm x 302mm

Fast charging point

946mm x 186mm x 302mm

State of Charge

1190mm x 394mm x 302mm

Trickle charging


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