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Commercial and Industrial
High Voltage Lithium Battery Range

The Balancell High Voltage battery is an extremely energy dense and powerful battery designed specifically for demanding commercial and industrial applications.

The battery is deployed as a stand-alone rack mounted system or as part of a large MWh containerised solution. The system is remarkably scalable and can be built and commissioned offsite and shipped anywhere to a customer’s location, making it a versatile solution capable of meeting various energy storage needs with ease.


Proprietary BMS with
Laboratory Accurate Energy Metering

The Balancell battery is the heartbeat of the Energy Storage System (ESS), providing clean efficient energy on demand with 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD) and a continuous discharge rate of 1C. The battery has a surge capability of 3C during transient periods. Two 104V battery options are available, a 21.4kWh and 28.8kWh module, both can be wired in series of up to 10 modules per string for a nominal voltage of 100V to 1000V DC.

Each battery has its own integrated Battery Management System (BMS) with global connectivity and remote management capabilities. The BMS provides laboratory accurate energy metering, including voltage, current and temperature and provides an isolated 24V battery “OK” health signal. Furthermore Individual cell performance is optimised with Balancell’s proprietary cell balancing algorithm and all data is logged for the life of the battery.

All Individual battery data is sent to the Balancell gateway which acts as a bridge between the internal network of the battery modules and the outside connections to inverters, Balancell’s cloud services and other systems on the local network. The gateway periodically requests measurements from all the modules and aggregates those to build up to the full battery voltages and currents, the maximum and minimum cell voltages and temperatures and the allowable charge and discharge power. This is made available to the inverter via one of a variety of protocols over either CANbus, RS485 or ethernet (ModbusTCP). The Balancell Gateway is compatible with most leading-edge High voltage inverters.


Compact, Energy Dense
and Accessible in the Field

The High Voltage battery draws on Balancell’s heritage of manufacturing smart, safe and robust batteries that are easily accessible in the field.

The battery is extremely energy dense and manufactured in the smallest form factor possible. This is achieved by compressing and locking the cells into place with a unique expansion plate that gives structural rigidity to the case with no added weight. This allows 85% of the weight of the battery to be made up of cells, offering a phenomenal energy density of 145Wh/kg.

The robust design of the high voltage battery is complimented by a number of leading edge components that ensure maintenance free, and reliable energy delivery, even in remote locations. The battery is housed in a powder coated aluminium casing with a reinforced lid for structural integrity. Each individual cell is wrapped in a PVC pocket for extra insulation and protection. Flexible laminated copper interlinks are used across the cells to maintain optimal levels of electrical and mechanical properties while sustaining the stresses of movement and heat. Furthermore, the casing is fitted with breather valves for moisture management and rubber terminal covers to protect against external damage and short circuits.

Balancell provides a unique 10 year warranty with unlimited cycles up until a specific energy output. Total battery protection is ensured with an end of warranty guarantee of 80% of nominal capacity. All battery and cell parameters are recorded for the life of the battery, ensuring true battery performance can be ascertained to support the guarantee


A Customised, Modular, and
Scalable MWh Container System
(BESS). Made in South Africa

Balancell, in partnership with two energy visionaries has developed a fully customisable MWh container system. (100% locally designed and built)

This unique ‘plug-and-play’ system is manufactured and commissioned totally offsite using innovative fabrication methods for scalable, modular deployment. This methodology allows system design optimization, transport of fully integrated systems to remote sites, minimal installation time and mitigation of overall project risk.

Contact Balancell directly or one of our partners to discuss your requirements in more details:


Key Features

Extremely energy dense
battery module in a
compact form factor

1C Discharge rate, allowing
a pairing of kWh to kW in a
1:1 ratio

Safety: Proprietary Battery
Management System (BMS)
with 24V battery OK signal

Smart connected batteries:
SaaS connectivity with
remote monitoring, analytics
and alerts

Safety: Lithium Ferro
Phosphate (LFP) is the
safest lithium chemistry

10 year warranty with
unique energy output

End of warranty battery
capacity at 80% of full
nominal capacity

Unlimited cycles in
warranty period

Made in South Africa

Modular and highly scalable


Battery Range

Model Voltage Capacity Energy (kWh) W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Weight Data Sheet
P00033 104 V 206 Ah 21.4 kWh 489 mm 740 mm 325 mm 148 kg Download
P00034 104 V 277 Ah 28.8 kWh 615 mm 740 mm 325 mm 198 kg Download


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