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Residential and Small Business
Lithium Battery Range

The Balancell Residential and Small Business battery is an intelligent and powerful energy storage system designed to deliver clean energy to your residence or small enterprise. The battery can be installed with a solar photovoltaic (solar PV) to generate electricity and help you become grid free or can be used for self-consumption with grid assisted functionality.

Built to perform with a discharge rating of 1C, means the battery can be discharged continuously at full power and if paired with a compatible inverter can support the highest continuous draw from the load, without having to add additional storage because of C rating limitations. And with a 100% Depth of Discharge (DoD) you have access to the batteries total stored energy during any power outage or period of peak demand.

Built to support demanding residential applications with a continuous discharge rating of 1C

The Residential and Small Business range of batteries have been designed to simplify installation and can easily be installed in parallel to support both small and demanding applications. Designed to be plug and play the battery uses CAN open protocol to seamlessly interface with a range of leading inverter brands.

Safety comes as a standard, the integrated Battery Management System has a built-in pre-charge and provides dual redundant digital and analogue protection against over voltage, under voltage, over temperature and has both electronic short circuit protection and fuse protection.

And Balancell’s unique warranty offers unlimited cycles up until a guaranteed energy output in kWh or 10 years calendar time, whichever comes first, ensuring total protection for the battery until its stated end of warranty at 80% of nominal capacity.

Reliable, safe, and ensures security of clean energy supply

The Residential and Small Business range of batteries are available in multiple form factors and can easily be wall mounted or stacked, offering the ultimate in space savings and ergonomics.

And with its leading-edge electronics the battery offers an exceptionally accurate state of charge and can be left off for more than twelve months without charging.

Compatible Inverter Brands


Key Features

Slim, energy dense form factor

Lowest lifetime cost and best ROI

10-year warranty with unique energy output guarantee

Unlimited cycles in warranty period

End of warranty battery capacity at 80% of full nominal capacity

Smart connected battery & alerts: Global wireless connectivity with live battery analytics and remote support

100% Depth of Discharge (DoD): Access to the batteries total energy capacity

Safety: Lithium Ferro phosphate (LFP) is the safest lithium chemistry

Safety: Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) with solid state electrical switch

Scalable with up to 16 parallel installations

Multiple inverter integration

Zero maintenance

1C Discharge rate


Battery Range

Model: P00027 Voltage: 52V Energy: 14.4kWh Capacity: 277Ah

Model Voltage Capacity Energy (kWh) W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Weight Data Sheet
P00026 52 V 206 Ah 10.7 kWh 187 mm 946 mm 325 mm 78 kg Download
P00035 52 V 206 Ah 10.7 kWh 268 mm 740 mm 325 mm 78 kg Download
P00027 52 V 277 Ah 14.4 kWh 186 mm 1213 mm 325 mm 100 kg Download
P00036 52 V 277 Ah 14.4 kWh 324 mm 740 mm 325 mm 98 kg Download
P00042 52 V 412 Ah 21.4 kWh 386 mm 926 mm 325 mm 151 kg Download
P00043 52 V 554 Ah 28.8 kWh 386 mm 1192 mm 325 mm 199 kg Download
P00033 104 V 206 Ah 21.4 kWh 489 mm 740 mm 325 mm 148 kg Download
P00034 104 V 277 Ah 28.8 kWh 615 mm 740 mm 325 mm 198 kg Download


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