Lights Guide
CMM - ConditionLEDLevelLED flashing Pattern
Over-temperature *1RED50°C50ms on / 450ms off = Short pulse twice a second
Over-voltageRED3.63V450ms on / 50ms off = Long pulse twice a second
Over-voltage & temp *1RED50°C /3.63VFully on
Under-voltageRED2.7V50ms on / 3000ms off = Short pulse once every 3 seconds
Under-volt & Over TempRED50°C /2.7V50ms on/200ms off/50ms on/3000ms off = two pulses every 3secs
Note *1 . Over-temperature is based on Estimated_cell_temperature = CMM_temperature - Balancing_power_temperature_rise
Balancing *2YELLOW3.50VContinually on when CMM is balancing
Note *2. Brightness of yellow LED is proportional o amount of balancing current and power the CMM is doing
Received messageBLUEonce for 50ms = one short pulse.
Lost communicationBLUE50ms on/ 200ms off/ 50ms on/ 200ms off/ 50ms on/3000ms off

= three short pulses once every 30 seconds
Power-upBLUE3 second continuous pulse, indicating correct polarity connection
Un-configuredBLUE50ms on/ 200ms off/ 50ms on/ 200ms off/ 50ms on/3000ms off

= three short pulses once every 3 seconds
BEM state indicatorLight description 
State of Charge - SOC%1-7 Green LEDs - 14.3% eachGreen Bar (7 LEDs)
HeartbeatBlue LED - once per secondBlue
Smart E-Switch state changeLight descriptionsVideo link
Deep discharge protection - dormant stateAll lights on BEM and protector are off. All CMMs will flash blue every 30 secs to show they have lost communicationsSmart E-Switch Dormant State
Over voltageCHARGE blue light off, Discharge blue light stays on, RED over voltage light on. Both green stay on.
Protector Over Volt
Short circuit, over current, or pre-chargeBoth blue lights off, Red over current light on but with small flicker when it retries. Both green stay on
Protector Short Circuit
Using switch to turn battery on or offBoth blue lights turn on or Off. Green lights stay on.
Protector Switch On/Off
BEM turning protector on or offAll lights on protector go on or off.
Protector BEM On/Off
Over temperatureBoth blue lights Off. RED over temp ON. Green lights stay on.
Protector Over Temp