Balancell Solar Charging Station

Full system and all kit needed to make a 100A solar charge station for a Balancell 52V battery.

NOTE: We can provide a solar charge station and balancell battery for almost any forklift or industrial motive machine. Please inquire with your distributor.

7kW Solar Panels

26 x 270W Panels

All Wires and Connectors

60m Red Solar 4mm² wire & 60M Black Solar 4mm² wire
13 Male MC4s, 13 Female MC4s

Combiner Box

Fuses, Output Breaker, Surge Protection, Earth Connection and REMA Output Forklift 320A Connector

Mounting and Setup Directions
  1. There are 26 panels in this kit. They should be connected with ONLY 2 panels in a series string, and 13 of these series strings connected into the combiner box.
  2. Inside the combiner box ( or junction box) these 13 strings are connected in parallel with fuses, and combine into the output forklift connector.
  3. The fuse connections should be left open until all 13 strings are mounted and connected into the combiner box.
  4. Each string should be checked for polarity and open circuit voltage of around 60V- 78V depending on sunshine.
  5. Once this is confirmed then all fuses can be connected.
  6. Once connected to a battery and charging, the current in each string should be checked that they are all approximately equal.
  7. The output breaker switcher should be turned off to before connecting or disconnecting to a forklift.
  8. In an industrial motive “dusty” environment, the panels will need to be cleaned more regularly.