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Unlimited cycles above 80% capacity and all our batteries come with a 5 year guarantee.

Our cells can be punctured or crushed and they will not ignite or explode. Each cell is also connected to its own CMM monitoring that cell specifically allowing per cell monitoring.

  • Higher power density means more energy in a smaller package.
  • Lower weight and smaller size.
  • Much lower self-discharge rate
  • Fast charging (50% in 50 min)
  • Longer lifespan (up to 10x more cycles)
  • Much greater depth of discharge (almost double)
  • No cool down period after charging

Our batteries are shipped with our world-class BEM that is connected to the internet via their own GSM connection. They send report data every minute to our Battery Portal to enable live view of your battery.

The Battery Portal records all information related to your battery including state of charge (SoC), Voltage (V), Current (A), Amp Hours (Ah), Energy (kWh) and Temperature.

All this information is displayed in easily digested graphs and the time span of the graphs can be changed if there was a need to view a specific event or time slot.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells.

When energy is concerned, one cannot simply compare price at a one to one scale. There are calculations to be done that take into consideration the install price, transportation, battery lifespan and necessary replacements etc.

A quick run down of all that will give the result of LiFePO4 being less than half the price of Lead Acid. View THIS article for a more in depth breakdown.

Our batteries come standard with fast charging allowing you to get up and running as fast as possible with almost no downtime. With our technology you can charge your battery to 50% in 50 min.

This is our indoor model with it’s mounting bracket attached. We designed it to be space efficient and for your battery to be a feature, not just a tool.

We have made every light on the battery report on some part of the system to owners and technicians. See THIS page for detailed documentation on what every light and their colour mean.