Robust lithium batteries for industrial motive, marine and home storage applications

Balancell batteries have been selected for use by some of the worlds leading industrial motive brands and proven in the field in some of the toughest working environments known to the logistics industry.

Lifetime Savings, Reliability and Service

Balancell offers competitive $/kWh costs, full battery history data logging, a unique warranty that is based on total operating hours (total energy delivery) , and training to service or repair our batteries in field. Balancell batteries have been fully operational in some of the toughest industrial environments since 2017.

Robust, Light and Compact Battery Design
This is achieved with a tensioned exoskeleton battery box, tensioned retainer bars, which together offer high tolerance to vibration, accidental impacts, shocks, rotation or inversion of battery. Enclosure meets IP61 standard (IP63 available on request).
Wireless Connectivity and Custom Analytics
GSM and WiFi to our bespoke battery IOT gateway, giving real time battery information, live alerts and a full battery history. Our Battery dashboard designed for industrial machines enables basic machine fleet management, problem solving, service assistance, and a host of analytics that give operational value-added insights such as charge time vs run time, energy usage per hour (kWh/h) or monthly operating hours.
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Certified Safety
We use Lithium Ferro Phosphate Chemistry (LFP) cells that meet GB31484, GB31485, GB31486, UL1973, MSDS UN38.3, and manufactured to ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949. Batteries tested and certified for CE EMC. Batteries have been designed to meet IEC 62485-6, IEC 63056, IEC 61619, and automotive temperature and vibration standard IEC 62660-2. All batteries have dual redundant digital protection with fail over analogue protection.
Retrofit Almost Any Machine
We are able to retrofit almost any lead-acid machine in all industrial sectors. We have retrofitted hundreds of different machine types and can use the existing lead-acid chargers. Use our Lead-To-Lithium Selector Tool as a guide to find a replacement lithium battery for your lead-acid battery.
New Lithium Machines

We have proven battery designs, in standard form factors that are modular and interchangeable, openCAN bus or customer CAN protocols, and a leading edge battery IOT gateway tailored to OEM requirements. With our modular BMS and cell to pack methodology, we can very rapidly design and build new battery packs to specifications.

Balancell Applications

Forklifts, Reach Trucks and Pallet Jacks

We have batteries for almost all Class I, II and III materials handling machines either new or retrofitted of all brands. This includes pallet jacks (class III), reach trucks (class II), to heavy duty forklifts (class I). Our batteries enable you be more productive 24/7, with no battery changing.

Access Solutions

Used in scissor lifts to large boom lifts, our batteries allow fleet management and remote management, suchs as putting batteries on charge at correct times.

Sweepers, Cleaners and Tow Tractors

Rapid opportunity charging at any time makes cleaners simple to use. Lithium gives reliable working time on all your machines, and a very simple charging and maintenance regime.

Solar Solutions

For demanding solar applications, our batteries offer very high industrial C-rates, IP rating etc. CAN to most inverters, built in pre-charge, dual redundant analogue over discharge protection, and an accurate SoC%.

Refrigerated Trucks

Save on fuel costs while reducing emissions. Our batteries are built to last, even for the long haul.   See our partners for reefer truck conversions.


From reliable house power systems to fully electric propulsion driven, our IP, shock and vibration rated batteries have you covered. Online connectivity enables remote monitoring of your house systems.

Balancell Videos
Balancell in partnership with Cape Fruit Coolers roll out the first all Lithium powered forklift fleet in Africa.
Balancell in partnership with Masslift deliver 32 Lithium powered forklifts to the RSA Group.
Satisfied End Users

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