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Industrial Motive
Lithium Battery Range

Balancell batteries have been selected for use by some of the world’s leading industrial motive brands and proven in the field in some of the toughest working environments known to the logistics industry.

Charging four times faster than lead acid batteries, requiring no cool-down period, and using only small high capacity onsite chargers for a quick opportunity ‘recharge’ – yielding higher productivity, lower operating costs, and a cleaner, more reliable energy source day after day.


Designed to power a range of
demanding applications

Low Cost of Ownership.

The Balancell Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries outperform lead-acid batteries and cost less over time. Besides the upfront capex cost, the most critical factor in estimating the total cost of ownership is the specified lifetime of the battery in terms of cycles until end of life.

Our battery has a life expectancy of four times more than a lead acid battery, resulting in a much lower total cost of ownership per usable kWh. The battery can deliver unlimited cycles up to its guaranteed energy output or calendar time, until it has at least 80 percent of its nominal capacity remaining. The Balancell batteries cycle life is also not affected by higher discharge rates of up to 100% (DoD) or multiple smaller charge and discharge rates. Lead acid batteries on the other hand typically only deliver 700 to 1000 cycles as discharge levels over 50% greatly reduce their cycle life.

The Balancell battery is designed to be maintenance free and does not require further investments in battery bays, specialised handling equipment and staff. The batteries modular design makes it easily accessible in the field for service and repair.

All power electronics and cells can be safely replaced by a trained technician. Battery diagnostics can be done both on site and remotely and software updates can be reconfigured and deployed over the air (OTA).

The batteries efficiency, cycle life, ease of use and no maintenance over its lifetime offers immense operational and savings benefits for operators.

Environmental Impact

Companies in the material handling business are under increasing pressure to show they have a positive environmental record.

Today, large customers are viewing sustainability as a key performance indicator and will often inspect the environmental profile of companies they engage with, putting increasing pressure on logistic operators to reduce their use of non-friendly environmental energy sources.

Running a forklift powered with a lithium Ferro Phosphate battery from Balancell guarantees a much smaller environmental impact compared to any lead acid battery, not only in terms of energy efficiency, but in risk of toxic emissions and environmental contamination as well.

Longer Runtimes

The Balancell battery is extremely efficient with a roundtrip energy efficiency of 96% at full work rate (Full discharge from 100% to 0% and back to a 100% full charge), and provides longer runtimes compared to a lead acid battery.

Our batteries are rated to 1C which means a 100Ah battery can be discharged at the full 100A and it will deliver 100A, lasting the full rated hour. Lead-acid on another hand is usually rated at C/5, C/10 or C/20 which means a 100Ah lead acid battery can only be discharged at 20A or less to get 100Ah. If the 100Ah lead acid battery is discharged at 100A, it will typically deliver only 50Ah.

The Balancell battery can therefore provide 100% of its rated capacity with a very low voltage decline regardless of the rate of discharge, so your forklifts run and lift as efficiently at the end of the shift as they did from the start, making the Balancell battery particularly suitable for high workloads. Lead acid batteries are typically limited to 50% of their rated capacity to prevent diminished life and experience large voltage drops with high rates of discharge. This significantly reduces a lead-acid batteries usable energy during the shift.

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Lean Charging

The Balancell Battery can be rapidly charged without the need for dedicated battery bays, battery swap outs and cool ing off periods. Our batteries do not need to be removed from the forklift to be charged, are safe and maintenance free. Lead acid batteries on the other hand require eight hours of charging, eight hours of cool ing down and eight hours of operation. These batteries have to be swapped out for a new battery after their eight-hour operational period and require dedicated charging bays to recharge the depleted battery, often resulting in lost productivity.

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Our batteries can be fully charged in 2 hours using the Balancell slimline charger. With their small form factor the charges are easily wall mountable in strategic waypoints and can provide opportunity charging of 15-30 minute spurts during breaks and shift changes, ensuring 24/7 operation from a single machine.

Smart, Connected Batteries

Our smart batteries are connected via GSM and WiFi to our bespoke battery IOT gateway, giving real time battery information, live alerts, and a full battery history. Our Battery dashboard designed for industrial machines enables basic machine fleet management, problem solving, service assistance, and a host of analytics that provide valuable operational insights into your battery’s performance, with key reporting metrics such as charge time vs run time, energy usage per hour, and monthly operating hours. All data is recorded internally for up to 30 years and stored on our cloud.


Our batteries are made using Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) cel ls that meet multiple global certifications and automotive temperature and vibration standards. Cells can be punctured, short circuited or crushed and they will not ignite or explode and are intrinsically safer than lead acid chemistry. Unlike lead acid batteries the Balancell LFP batteries do not emit any combustible hydrogen gas during charging which can pose a health and safety risk. The batteries also do not expel any sulphuric acid that can result in degradation and failure of cables, connecters, and battery tanks and cause warehouse facility and potential harm to employees.

This coupled with the Balancell proprietary Battery management System (BMS) that provides dual redundant digital and analogue protection, short circuit protection and fuse protection in each battery, ensures your battery is protected against any abusive or adverse conditions over its operational lifetime.

Lead-Acid Battery Retrofit &
Steel Tank Fabrication

We can retrofit almost any lead-acid machine in all industrial sectors and can still use the existing lead-acid charger with our battery. For lead-acid battery replacement we can provide customised steel tank fabrication with counterweights made into custom billets from recycled steel. Our battery finder tool can assist you to find a replacement lithium battery for your lead-acid battery.


Key Features

Lowest lifetime cost and best ROI

5-year warranty with unique energy output guarantee. (equivalent to ±20,000 operating hours)

Unlimited cycles in warranty period

End of warranty battery capacity at 80% of full nominal capacity

Smart connected battery & alerts: Global wireless connectivity with full operational analytics for battery / asset management.

30% Energy Efficiency Saving with each battery upgraded to lithium

24/7 operation on one battery: fast charge 0-100% in under two hours

Safety: Lithium Ferro phosphate (LFP) is the safest lithium chemistry

Safety: Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) with solid state electrical switch

Retro-fit to almost any forklift, reach or pallet truck

Zero maintenance


Battery Range

Model: P00008 Voltage: 52V Energy: 28.8kWh Capacity: 540Ah

Model Voltage Capacity Energy (kWh) W (mm) L (mm) H (mm) Weight Data Sheet
P00020 26 V 206 Ah 5.4 kWh 187 mm 516 mm 325 mm 40 kg Download
P00016 26 V 277 Ah 7.2 kWh 187 mm 636 mm 325 mm 52 kg Download
P00021 39 V 206 Ah 8.0 kWh 364 mm 403 mm 325 mm 57 kg Download
P00022 52 V 206 Ah 10.7 kWh 364 mm 509 mm 325 mm 78 kg Download
P00038 52 V 206 Ah 10.7 kWh 268 mm 740 mm 325 mm 78 kg Download
P00015 52 V 277 Ah 14.4 kWh 364 mm 636 mm 325 mm 98kg kg Download
P00028 52 V 277 Ah 14.4 kWh 208 mm 1192 mm 325 mm 100 kg Download
P00023 52 V 412 Ah 21.4 kWh 489 mm 740 mm 325 mm 148 kg Download
P00029 52 V 412 Ah 21.4 kWh 386 mm 926 mm 325 mm 150 kg Download
P00008 52 V 554 Ah 28.8 kWh 615 mm 740 mm 325 mm 198 kg Download
P00014 52 V 554 Ah 28.8 kWh 386 mm 1192 mm 325 mm 198 kg Download
P00019 81 V 277 Ah 22.4 kWh 420 mm 897 mm 325 mm 148 kg Download
P00024 81 V 412 Ah 33.4 kWh 616 mm 897 mm 325 mm 236 kg Download
P00025 81 V 554 Ah 44.9 kWh 780 mm 897 mm 325 mm 291 kg Download

Battery Finder Service

Use our battery finder service to match the perfect Balancell lithium battery with your specific machine


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